Fridge faith for Families Lent 2016 calendar

fridge-faith The fridge door is the message bank of most kitchens, where the whole family communicate about their lives. Therefore, a Lent Calendar ‘countdown’ to Easter seems a good way for families to remember that

Lent is more than giving up some food or activity, it is a time of reflection and repentance, a time to study God’s word, live simply and explore Lent traditions that have helped Christians in the past come closer to God.

Fridge Faith for Families 2016 (PDF download)

grace-cube-300x300You might also like The Grace Cube

The Grace Cube can be cut out, folded up and glued into a cube, each side providing you with a different way to say grace at the meal table, take it in turns to throw the dice before you eat and say the prayer on the cube.

A Grace is a prayer said before meals as a simple way to thank God for our lives and for providing us with the food we eat.